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€?鈥?鍔ㄨ瘝+ ▓鍚嶈瘝Beijing is a heaven for gourmets, as the city brings together fine examples of Chinese cuisine from ac▓ross the nation. If you're having trouble choosing from a long list of re

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commended eateries,▓ follow our suggestion and try some of the restaurant▓s that've been in business for decades or even centuries. They have stood the test of time▓ and are recommended by generati

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ons of local diners. Beijing with a long history has many time-honored resta▓urants, and this is one of them. That's why▓ some visitors even come here to take pictures of this land▓mark building. D

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ining in a time-honored restaurant is▓ like tasting a part of history. This restaurant ▓is called Lai Jin Yu Xuan. It serves dishes mentioned in the classic novel "A Dream of Red Mansions". Eating here is a cul

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